Last Christmas I got an email asking if I did family sessions as Christmas presents, where you can purchase a session and cash in later.

Anwer: YES! This is such a good idea! Photo sessions are a GREAT Christmas gift! 

Especially in this case. The Talwar family home is where all the daughters grew up, but is being sold in the next several years. It is a beautiful home and very important to the family! So we all hung out for a couple hours and I followed them around to their fave rooms, learning their stories and all the history and special moments that have lived in the walls. They even made me a DRINK right from the get go which is basically the best way to get on my good side. So we spent the session laughing, chatting, hanging out, sharing drinks, and sharing stories. 

Is it possible to fall in love with a family like idk but i feel like I did! These guys are not only crazy photogenic but just all around kind and lovely and amazing people! So scroll and enjoy their adorableness.

PS: Their dog Chewy is the perfect creature and I was so obsessed like how is he so cuuuute