Wedding: Mike and Carmyn

Mike and Carmyn were my last wedding of 2019. I flew across the country back to Vancouver, where I’d lived for 6 years and also where I met the groom, Mike. We went to university together and he is a dear dear friend, so it was such an honour when he and his fiancee Carmyn called me up last year inquiring about weddings!! It was such a joy and privilege to be there to capture their love, which is built on a foundation of mutual respect and similar senses of humour. I laughed, I cried, I enjoyed childhood photo slideshows and FINALLY meeting Carmyn (the day before the wedding!). When we chatted last year on the phone, I got to hear the most beautiful story of the engagement. Mike spent months writing a letter to Carmyn, which ended up being kind of all over the place because his writing and mood changed whenever he sat down to add a new section. Over months! Then, they were out at a cabin and he proposed by reading the letter out loud to Carmyn. Excuse me while I cry over this amazing couple.

We started out the day at Carmyn’s parents’ apartment in White Rock. Walking down to the beach before the day started, I saw the sun rising, smelled that familiar and poignant smell of salt water and seaweed, and prepared for the day of TOTAL. POURING. RAIN. What a whirlwind! 

I’ve split their wedding into two blog posts, so watch out next week for part 2! 


Venue: Westwood Plateau Golf Club
Flowers: Coquitlam Florist
Dress: Wear Your Love XO
Suits: Tip Top Tailors

Stay tuned for part 2 which will be out next week! I’m real excited for that one; it has all the amazing couple photos from our jaunt in the forest!!! 

Kaleigh & Shane’s Wedding: Part II

Here we are! Part two of Kaleigh and Shane’s wedding. 

I think receptions are kind of the best part of the day. Everyone has been working all day, the emotions have been high, and suddenly you get to the part of the day where you just get to have fun. Where you get to dance and drink and laugh with all your friends and family. When you get to hear beautiful, hilarious, horrifying, amazing toasts. Where old friends are reunited. It is such a lovely part of the day to document. It’s also my fave because I get to sneak off with the couple and allow them to have quiet moments to themselves, to dance and drink and remember that they are the reason for each other that day and it’s magical and fun and peaceful and great. Enjoy all these laughing joyful faces!

You can find part one of the day HERE! Trust me, it’s worth it. 🙂

Kaleigh & Shane’s Wedding: Part I

WOW! I am so stoked to share more of Kaleigh and Shane’s wedding over my next two blog posts! Because I took way too many photos for just one! Kaleigh and Shane were married in Hondo, Alberta, which is both pretty far north and far east. It’s a beautiful area on the edge of the boreal forest, near Alberta’s largest lake, Slave Lake. Their wedding was made up of a weekend-long camping trip for all their guests; Kaleigh’s aunt and uncle own a beautiful horse and bison rearing property AND the community hall across the street; so it’s a perfect location for a casual fun summer wedding. And that’s exactly what we had! 

It was so much fun hanging out with their laid back families, just enjoying some drinks, some sun and rain, and mostly, enjoying each other’s company. It was funny, sweet, a love story out of a teen movie, sometimes (like that Shane is Kaleigh’s brother’s best friend… the joke is never lost and brought up frequently). It made for a cosy weekend where everyone knows everyone, or if you don’t, you can drink together anyway.

I was so honoured to be a part of such a real group of people just celebrating real love, and it made me cry, like always, and I hope you can live the day through these blog posts! This post features our bridal parties getting ready, Kaleigh and Shane’s first look, bridal photos, and the ceremony. The next blog post will feature the reception, speeches, and other fun things! 


  • Wedding dress is David’s Bridal
  • Bridesmaid dresses are from H&M
  • Groomsmen suits are Moores
  • Those beautiful flowers are from Costco!

Dalton & Brit’s Wedding

July began with Dalton and Brit’s wedding in Whitby, Ontario! It was actually my first time photographing a wedding in Ontario; WHOA! 

These guys were amazing. I met them in the spring and they were so welcoming and warm, and it was great learning more about them everytime we chatted. It was so magical to see and hear about their love and respect for each other before and during their wedding day. Their story is so cute, their friends and family were all so supportive and loving, and–as always–I shed a few tears of joy during the reception speeches and vows (how do people not?!). Look below to see some moments from their day!

Venue: Royal Ashburn Golf Club
Dress: Rebecca Ingram
Suits: Joseph Abboud
Flowers: KT Floral
Wedding Cake: Mitchel’s Cake and Dessert
Hair & Makeup: Katie Lynne Makeup

Tips for Photographing Love

It’s Valentine’s Day! I totally didn’t plan to time this post to this day, but what do you know, it worked. I was going for a whole ~love~ theme this month, but I do want to stress that I love LOTS OF KIND OF LOVE. Not just couple love but friend love, family love, pet love, LOVE in its many thousands form is kind of a great thing. Sure, we can complain about it and all the pain it brings and our duties and the struggles that sometimes loving a person/people entails, but think of all the GREAT things! Smiling, laughing, feeling close to someone, sharing your life woes, writing stories together, taking photos together, going on adventures and making memories with loved ones. Love is actually pretty great once you open yourself up to it. 

This post I share my top FIVE tips I use when photographing love. Sure, I’m still a newbie in the wedding game field and yes, getting my degree changed up my plans a bit, but I still believe in and have a ton of fun photographing love in its many forms. So I’m gonna stop blabbing and here we go!

TIP 1 – make them laugh 

I’m pretty sure the only people who find me funny are me and my sister. However, ever since I was a kid I loved making people laugh and I try to use these traits to the benefit of photos! It is easily the best part of being a photographer. Make jokes, be weird, move in strange angles that make people laugh, lie in the dirt or snow or whatever you have to do to get people to smile and laugh. It’s been said to me that I can make people feel pretty comfortable early on and I think it’s because I try to get people laughing and joking right away. I mean I think I’m hilarrrrrious but I won’t be offended if you don’t. One thing I don’t use are those online prompts, cause they are kind of weird and awkward and make people feel weird and awkward. I do love making people run and dance though because sooner or later someone feels ridiculous and laughs and it’s my fave.

Golden Birch Photography
TIP 2 – let people be themselves! aka don’t pose a lot

Our job as photographers, at least for me, is not to make the day look the way we want it to. Our job is to capture life as it happens, those smiles and laughs and gentle touches. Those are great moments, and the more comfortable you are as the photographer and people are around you, the more likely you will start to see these real moments. I don’t want people to feel like they’re getting their photo taken; I want them to feel like I’m not even there. Then you get those great genuine moments and feelings and I cry when I see those! 

TIP 3 – let a couple make out

This is literally my fave way to start out a couple’s shoot. If you’re shy around photographers or embarrassed or worried (most everyone I’ve ever photographed is!!) don’t worry. My first trick is to ask you to make out pretty early on. The couple will probably laugh and be like omg why and then try it and laugh throughout it and then a) you get great photos of joy and b) IT IS PRETTY IMPOSSIBLE TO FEEL AWKWARD ANYMORE AFTER YOU’VE MADE OUT IN FRONT OF SOMEONE A LOT (this is a proven scientific fact). See below photo series where a makeout resulted in crazy laughter and I love it.

TIP 4 – let them have some quiet moments

People get tired. Photoshoots can be exhausting! So sometimes the best way to capture love–familial, wedding, friends, anything–is to take a step back, find a quiet corner away from the noise and the busy-ness and the insanity, and just let your subjects breathe and have a moment. Kids, adults, anybody, usually a break is needed at some point. Just take a breath and wait for the right moments to snap some shots.

TIP 5 – go on an adventure

THIS IS MY FAVE THING TO DO. I love going on adventures. Let’s go skating! Let’s go hiking! Let me take photos of you dancing in a river or eating pizza or playing board games or walking in a neighborhood we’ve never been before! Adventures mean doing something different. It’s a new memory for the subjects and a great way to get some casual and real photographs. I don’t wanna just stand in front of one tree for an engagement shoot. Let’s explore an old barn hayloft instead! Guys, trust me, adventures are the best. And I love going on them on or off a shoot, so it’s just a sweet sweet bonus when people I photograph are up for it too! 😀 

Well those are my top 5 tips that I tend to use in almost every photoshoot! I hope they help someone out there. To end my first post on luuuurve in its many forms, here are two of my best friends back in Vancouver in 2017. Cause I super love them. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

Cory and Kayla’s Wedding: Part II

Here is part two of Kayla and Cory’s wedding! It was an intimate affair, with the couple’s friends and family gathered for a night of memories, laughter, and dancing late into the night. It was so much fun and I was so honored to capture it! Thank you again to Kayla and Cory for one of the best days a wedding photographer can ask for! 

You can find part 1 of this wonderful day HERE!

And a few parting shots,with my true favorite at the very end. I hope you enjoyed reliving Kayla and Cory’s wedding with me!! 

Cory and Kayla’s Wedding: Part I

Here is the first blog post about Cory and Kayla’s day! I’m really bad at selecting only a few for blog posts, and why should I? It was a great day full of stuff! So I’m gonna share it! 

Here are some thoughts from the bride, Kayla, literally one of the most laid back people I have ever met! “Having my baba be a part of our wedding meant the world to me. She didn’t think she would be able to be a flower girl but I think she pulled it off quite nicely! I was so happy to have all my friends and family help with setting it up and making all the desserts. My aunts are savages in the kitchen when it comes to cooking! Overall I definitely felt the love of friends and family on that day, especially Cory. Super happy I got to marry my best friend amongst everyone. Even though Cory lost the ring on the big day… it was one for the books in that I had a handy fake one ready to go!”

Yes, the ring was lost… but it just goes to show that it’s not not the most important part of the day! Love of family and friends is all you need, and these guys definitely had that!


Flowers — Loriann’s Floral Design

Hall — Demmitt Hall Cultural Society


You can see part two HERE!

Wedding: Sarah & Mark

One Island Lake Wedding

On July 22, Sarah & Mark got married. It was my first wedding. I shot for 14 hours and my hands were little claws by the end of the day. It was so fun and amazing and scary and great! I have known Sarah since we were maybe 3 years old and even though we hadn’t talked in a few years, it was lovely to shoot the wedding of a friend, especially one who remembers you in your kool-aid stained lips and bowl haircut days and still somehow believes in you.

These two are the best. So laid back and warm, offering me drinks and bug spray and a couch to sleep on. The wedding took place at Sarah’s family cabin at One Island Lake in BC, a place I even went in my younger days! Everyone at the wedding was kind and casual. The ceremony was sweet, the bridal party ready to actually party, and the dancing went on late into the night. I cried and laughed behind my camera the whole day. These two are so comfortable and happy and you could just feel their joy throughout the whole day! Nothing mattered except their story. One of the greatest parts of the day was seeing 30 or so friends and family help setting up outside while the bride and groom were busy getting ready and just having a relaxed morning. You could sense that community vibe throughout the entire day. I can’t thank Sarah and Mark enough for giving me a chance!

Dress by Castaspella Boutique

Suits by Moores

Everything else by the bride & groom and their friends & family! WOW!




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