The Junction in Toronto: Heather and Tyler

A couple weeks ago (a month ago? time flies!) I got to take photos of Heather and Tyler in the Junction. I live pretty close to it and used to live in Junction Triangle. I love this neighbourhood! There are a lot of fun buildings, murals, corners, and hidden away places for photos. I took way too many photos lol and HAD to share on the blog because I LOVE URBAN SHOOTS and I don’t do enough so please if you want photo proof of you walking around a cool Toronto hood let’s chat! It’s so fun! It was also like 40 degrees outside and Heather bought me a water bottle cause I was so dehydrated, I get real intense in the zone, bless.

Anyway these two are super cute and it was so fun photographing them! They are naturals, don’t you think? 🙂 

Emily, Taylor, & Lawson in Old Toronto

Sometimes you just meet people that inspire you so much. For me that is Emily and Taylor. Not only are these two so cute and in love and wonderful to each other, but they are also both young artists pursuing education and work after moving from their home community in Bruce Penninsula to Toronto. As someone else who moved from a small place to a big place, and listening to their stories of their early days in Toronto, it really struck a chord with me.

The excitement of the city, the new vibes and places to get used to, the cool neighbourhoods… and their first neighbourhood when they moved there is one of the coolest, St. Lawrence! The first few photos in this post might seem random but they were taken in front of their first apartment in the city, which is a super important place to them. So of course we had to take photos here! They’ve had to move since precious lil Lawson came into the world, but you can tell just listening to their stories what their early times in Toronto meant to them. And so it was an honour to photograph them, hear those stories, and help in creating memories for the future! Thanks so much to these two. <3