At Home in Mississauga: Talwar Family

Last Christmas I got an email asking if I did family sessions as Christmas presents, where you can purchase a session and cash in later.

Anwer: YES! This is such a good idea! Photo sessions are a GREAT Christmas gift! 

Especially in this case. The Talwar family home is where all the daughters grew up, but is being sold in the next several years. It is a beautiful home and very important to the family! So we all hung out for a couple hours and I followed them around to their fave rooms, learning their stories and all the history and special moments that have lived in the walls. They even made me a DRINK right from the get go which is basically the best way to get on my good side. So we spent the session laughing, chatting, hanging out, sharing drinks, and sharing stories. 

Is it possible to fall in love with a family like idk but i feel like I did! These guys are not only crazy photogenic but just all around kind and lovely and amazing people! So scroll and enjoy their adorableness.

PS: Their dog Chewy is the perfect creature and I was so obsessed like how is he so cuuuute

Chris & Jackie’s Grande Prairie Wedding

Back in July, almost a month ago now, I put on my mask for 12 hours, hopped on some planes, and tried out air travel for the first time in this new COVID-19 world to travel back to Grande Prairie, Alberta to shoot Jackie and Chris’ wedding. 

Like many couples this year, their plans changed. Jackie’s family from Mexico was unable to fly up and attend. Guest numbers were limited to close friends and family. It went from a giant party plan to a more intimate gathering. I have to say–it was beautiful! Jackie and Chris are incredibly laid back and the vibe of a chill small day seemed to fit them perfectly. The decorations at the venue were well-thought out, beautiful, and it was so peaceful! They also incorporated some Mexican traditions which was so amazing. I then stole them away after to go take photos at Kleskun Hills; this is a place I used to LOVE as a child and would go to with my family. It was always an adventure and such a unique landscape in Northern Alberta, I just KNEW I had to take some photos there haha. The reception happened in their backyard, where Jackie and Chris donned masks and aprons to serve all their guests dinner, which was followed by some hilarious speeches and cute, simple dances.

I am a fan of shooting these small COVID-19 weddings! It really does show you that through all the work and stress and rescheduling and confusion and anxiety that all that matters in the end is the love that everyone shares and has for each other, and that an amazing couple got married and got to share that love! It’s really pretty beautiful, when you think about it.

I’ve included some photos of the day in this blog post. I hope you enjoy! 

Venue: Serenity Acres
Hair: Victoria Brandsma Hair
Make-up: Chancie from BreezyBeauty
Cake: Carmen’s CraZ Cakes
Flowers: The bride and Gypsy Blooms Flower Truck
Dress: Calista’s
Suit: Milano’s