Hey! I’m Kristen and I’m hangin out in Toronto, traveling, taking photos, dreaming big, and being obsessed with old buildings.
I love traveling more than anything & checking out a new place with my camera at my side is my happy place. 
I can be found exploring Toronto & its breweries, cafes, hidden beaches, and old cobbled streets, or out on bike rides checking out the rest of the province.
I’m also a writer (in progress!), having had several poems published.
Once I start reading a good book I can’t stop, and I can often be found staying up late just to try and finish it.
I love talking about everything and anything and learning more about subjects I might not have known anything about! I’m really into plants, drinking beer in the sunshine, and going on roadtrips. 
I also take photographs as a freelancer & traveler, and you can check those out here!


I am a lover of real, of grain, of laughter, of light & shadow, of collaborating with you, of capturing you and those you love at your most real. Your day will never happen again: I will make sure it is captured truthfully and creatively. My goal in photographing you is to capture your story, your personality, your goofy expressions and tender touches and favourite places, the moments you may not realize are important to you until later. I love working with you to create a day that is memorable, easy, and fun! I love having fun and laughing and I want to make sure you have fun too! My favourite thing to do is find the extraordinary in the ordinary, in alleys, in your grandpa’s smile, in quiet moments and raucous parties. 
My approach to photography is to document your lives authentically. I want to create memories for and with you through photos that capture you as you are. I love going on adventures with my couples, having a fun time, and taking some photos. I provide general guidance, take pauses where I’m staring at pockets of light or off into the distance for great spots, give you some ideas, but mostly I just love hanging out with you and documenting what happens. And of course, I love incorporating your ideas. I can’t wait to give you photos you will look back on for the rest of your life! 



Wedding days are crazy powerful. There’s overwhelming love, joy, beauty stories, laughter, peace, and all sorts of warm fuzzies for us. 
The first time I captured a wedding, I couldn’t believe how FUN it had been. I wanted to do more! I was in awe of the moments I caught, the real and raw life. 
Gifting people memories in the form of photographs they love is a magical thing, and I never knew that feeling was possible. Seeing clients share images, hang them on their walls, and have a wonderful experience with me brings me SUCH JOY and I want to do that for each and every one of you! 


Check out all the answers to your questions on my FAQ page! 


(If you have one!)
How did you meet? What're your fave things to do together? Who is the social butterfly? What are some thoughts you have on the big day? Tell me lots!
This helps me understand where we jive and why we're a good fit! And so I know how to work best for you!
Do you have anything you want to bring or see? A place you are envisioning? What about a cute little thing you and a significant other might do? Write it all here!
Books! TV shows! Movies! Video games! Travel destinations! Memories! Animals! Beers! Plants! Pick a category and go crazy.