Engagement: Sarah and Mark

Grande Prairie Engagement

Well 2016 ended (literally, the last day of the year!) with an engagement session for Sarah and Mark in my hometown of Grande Prairie, Alberta. It’s a bit of a neat story. Sarah and I have known each other since we were probably 3 years old through play school and our older sisters being Kindergarten pals in school. We grew up making elementary art projects together, gallivanting around school playgrounds, and swimming in the pool (Sarah, being an actual pro swimmer, made her lap around the deep end much easier than me, flailing and bobbing like I did).

As time passed, we went our separate ways and haven’t really spoken for many many many years. So what a pleasant surprise to hear from her about photographing their wedding in 2017! I was so touched and excited and managed to meet up with them over the holiday, which was great! Sarah and Mark are so cute and lovely and were game for anything I suggested, even being jacketless in crazy falling snow and jumping on the spot to stay warm, sitting in the snow and wandering around in the forest. They bounce off of each other so well and are both so sarcastic which is honestly the funniest. They had me laughing like crazy! Hearing them tell me their stories was the best because I could really see and feel their love for each other and did my best to capture that in their photos. Here are some shots from their December 31st engagement session.



Portraits: Dan and Nyomi

So this past Sunday I was lucky enough to photograph my two friends, Dan and Nyomi. We drove out 2 hours from Vancouver to Alexandra Bridge past Hope, which is up in the mountains… and it is breathtaking! Also the bridge is just a grill with the Fraser river rushing beneath you, no big deal.

There was pouring rain when we left but with a bit of optimism and good luck it lightened up to let us take photos; the sun even came out! I actually liked the bit of rain, if you look closely in some photos you can see it sprinkling in the background. It was lovely lighting and I absolutely loved the dark green trees, the fog, and this great old bridge as a backdrop! Kudos goes to Dan for his idea to visit this place. Aside from taking photos of my friends that I hope they will be able to enjoy for years to come, it was so nice to see them loosening up in front of the camera, particularly my camera shy yet very handsome friend Dan.

I hope they enjoyed it! Here are a few of the photos from that day. 🙂




















These goofs.