questions, concerns, and more

Are you willing to travel?

Yes! However, prices for the travel must be accommodated into the photography cost and must be discussed further.

Do you offer extras?

It is possible to purchase add-ons, such as wedding albums, canvas prints, etc. However they are not part of any package and are separate purchases, plus HST.


Can we change the wedding packages?

Can we change the wedding packages?

Yes, sure! However, prices will change depending on complexity.

How would you describe your style?

My style has been described as “natural”, “intimate”, “fun”; I have an ability to relax people and make them forget that I’m even there. My greatest desire is to capture people in their natural elements and emotions, whether we are posed on a beach or natural in a wedding hall surrounded by friends. I like to be the silent observer and catch the big moments but also those in between breaths that are sometimes missed.


What is the structure for payment?

A non-refundable retainer fee of 20% of total cost must be paid at the time of booking. At this time we will also sign a photography agreement. The rest of the payment must be made in the two week window before a wedding; for all other types of sessions the rest of the payment is made the day of.


Do we have to sign a contract/licenses?

Yes. All clients must sign a photography agreement before any session. Don’t worry, I will go over this with you step by step! It is important to me that all the people I work with understand exactly what is going on, the expectations, and the work put into the photographs.


Who owns the copyright of the images you have taken?Toggle title

I retain full copyright of the images. This allows me to use the photos for print, commercial purposes, and so on.


How many photos do you deliver?

The numbers vary widely depending on the situation and I love trying to capture moments from many different angles; just know that you will definitely get enough!


Can we have all of the photos, including the RAW files?

Unfortunately not. Photography requires that some photos taken are not up to standard (light checks, exposing, etc.) and will have some people blinking, moving, etc. These photos are not part of the purchase. I am careful in my curating and editing of photos and as such RAW files will not be available.


How long until we receive the photos?

How long until we receive the photos?

Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery of photos.