I am a lover of real, of grain, of laughter, of light & shadow, of collaborating with you, of capturing you and those you love at your most honest. Your day will never happen again: I will make sure it is captured truthfully and creatively.
My goal in photographing you is to capture your story, your personality, your goofy expressions and tender touches and favourite places, the moments you may not realize are important to you until later. I love working with you to create a day that is memorable, easy, and fun! It’s not the photos we cherish but the time spent together. I love having fun and laughing and I want to make sure you have fun too! My favourite thing to do is find the extraordinary in the ordinary, in alleys, in your grandpa’s smile, in quiet moments and raucous parties. People don’t always believe at first we can make magic on their wedding, that I can reflect back to them the precious memories of their day. But we can, and we do.


Hey! I’m Kristen and I’m hangin out in Toronto, taking photos and being obsessed with old buildings. When I was a kid my first photos were candids of my family members, and I loved watching people through the lens to capture them just simply being themselves. There was no greater delight than printing my film and seeing that I’d captured a real moment.
I love exploring more than anything; checking out a new place with my camera at my side is my happy place.  I have a Museum Studies Master’s degree from the University of Toronto and a BA in Archaeology from Simon Fraser University in archaeology. I’m just a big old history dork. I’m also a writer (in progress!), having had several poems published. Once I start reading a good book I can’t stop, and I can often be found staying up late just to try and finish it. I love talking about everything and anything and learning more about subjects I might not have known anything about!
I also take photographs as a freelancer, and you can check those out here!


There is something powerful about a day so filled with joy and human coolness, for how they’ve found true love, for their amazing friends and family, a day bursting with laughter and happiness and tears and dancing and joy. The first time I captured a wedding, I couldn’t believe how FUN it had been. I wanted to do more! I was in awe of the moments I caught, the real and raw life. I thrive off of it.
It is so humbling to be invited in to see couples share their most intimate moments, their loss, their love, their commitment, their determination, their fun, their childhood memories, their tears and laughter. I love being there to capture honest moments and feelings, messy tears, blurry dancing and wine-stained wedding dresses and long long hugs.
I want you to know that all the feelings you want to relive will be captured, from family portraits for your parents to the moments you may have forgotten even happened, passed looks and emotions that are sometimes a blur. I want you to be able to look back on your photographs and remember the feelings & thoughts, the moments, and the love!
I’m thrilled to hear from any new inquiries. Some couples are interested right away in booking a date, but others want to plan over Skype or a coffee/beer date to get to know each other. That’s great! I know plenty of awesome places in Toronto to meet up. If you decide to book we’ll sign a contract, pay the retainer (see more information in the FAQ below), and move forward with planning details. Sometimes, if we book quite far ahead, I won’t need to reach out for awhile. Don’t be alarmed! This is normal! Leading up to the wedding, I will keep in touch with you periodically, and I will send you a wedding questionnaire for more details of the day approximately 2 months before the wedding. However, you can obv hit me up before to ask me my opinion on locations, times, colours, anything!
During your wedding, I’m helping keep us on track, searching for great light and hidden places, candid and wonderful and strong and beautiful human emotions, and different vantages I can utilize for photos. I love asking for your input and getting a good feel for the day and its vibe as I go along. I also totally carry combs, kleenex, and granola bars and help tie things and carry bouqets.
I aim to be everywhere I can be on your wedding and capture all the moments, the small to the big. I love playing around with light and angles and locations. I go with the flow and like to work collaboratively with my couples!
It’s happened! You’re married! Usually within the week I will send you some sneak peek photos, around 20. 2-3 weeks later I will deliver a curated gallery of fully processed, high resolution digital images. They will be downloadable and ready for your use immediately. For the larger packages, I also send you a goodie box with a USB, prints, and other small things within the month. Make sure you hang that art up on your walls!
Once you receive the photo box the contract is completed and our work together is done (for now!). After it’s all done, I love keeping in touch and popping in to say hi every now and then. I LOVE hearing from my couples.


My wedding rates and details are listed below.  What I hope you notice is that with every package, you get tangible items. Prints, instant film, scans of real film images from the day, a package in the mail–I want my clients to know that they are getting affordable quality wedding photography WITH the bonus of real photographs you can hold. It is so important to me that photographs are shared between hands, not just computers. See for yourself!
Other types of portrait sessions are $200 with an online gallery of downloadable high resolution images for up to 2 weeks after delivery and ten free prints!


Are you not one for big ceremonies and hundreds of guests? Do you prefer something small, sweet, and intimate? Something on the top of a mountain with just the two of you? Maybe something unique and peaceful, in your childhood home backyard? If these scenarios sound like you and you are thinking of opting for an intimate ceremony or elopement, this is the package for you!
For this style of day, I focus on documenting candid moments of the ceremony, bridal and family portraits, the landscape, and details of the day. Then, you can get back to living your life having had the peaceful and calm day just the way you wanted it, with the photographs to remember.
Comes with:
Pre wedding consultation (drinks on me!)
Engagement session
Beautiful online gallery for 1 month of downloadable, high resolution professionally edited images
10 free prints
Delivery in 2-4 weeks


Maybe you are someone who still wants all your many loved ones present and more memories photographed, more candid chats and laughter, but you don’t want the whole day to be about the wedding and maybe there is no reception; that is totally understandable! For an approximately half day celebration of your love, I have the perfect package.
For these days I focus on the bride and groom getting ready, the ceremony, bridal and family portraits, landscape, and details of the day. I leave the partying to you.
Starting with the half day package, you also get 5 instant photos of your day to take home immediately! These consist of a total random collection of probably weird exposures, off focuses, and blurry life, but add a nice natural feel to the photos of your day and make sure you get physical copies that are a little different than the digitals. I am a firm believer in film and the magic of it and this is my favorite bonus to give my couples!
Comes with:
Pre wedding consultation (drinks on me!)
Engagement session
Five instant photos for you to take home at the end of the night
Beautiful online gallery for 1 month of downloadable, high resolution professionally edited images
Delivery in 2-4 weeks
Package delivered to you with a USB of all digital images, prints of my faves of the day, and other personalized goodies


You want the WHOLE DAY to be a party about your love! You want all the moments photographed, from when you wake up (maybe) all the way until the party stops at midnight. You want your friends and family photographed candidly, you want dancing and fun and all the moments, big and small, memorialized. I’m there for that!
A whole day package will have me there for for getting ready, the ceremony, bridal and family portraits, the reception, landscape, and details of the day. You will also get 5 instant photos of your day to take home immediately AND one entire roll of developed film with your final package, adding even MORE real film moments for you to cherish and hold in your hands.
Comes with:
Pre wedding consultation (drinks on me!)
Engagement session
Five instant photos for you to take home at the end of the night
One roll of 35 mm film shots (printed for you!) as well as the digital scans
Beautiful online gallery for 1 month of downloadable, high resolution professionally edited images
Delivery in 2-4 weeks
Package delivered to you with a USB of all digital images, prints of my faves of the day, your surprise film roll prints, and other personalized goodies


I’m currently in Toronto, ON, Canada and I love traveling and incorporating it into my work: so yes! However, travel fees will vary depending on the following considerations: travel cost (flight/gas), hotels, and food. If we can work together to make it more cost effective, my travel fees will be lower. Feel free to contact me for more info!
Painless! If we’re near each other I’ll take you for coffee or drinks and we can chat! First, feel free to fill out the contact form to tell me a bit more about who you are and what you’re planning so I can prepare the best info for you, or just send me a straight up email or call me. You’ll hear back from me within 24-48 hours.
After we discuss the details  and we think we’re a good fit, we sign a photography agreement, you get a copy, I get a copy, and the date is booked! Voila! You have your photographer/kleenex holder/banana and granola bar supplier!
Anything you want to try and do, I want to try too! The packages I have are often the best for you as they tend to fit most types of weddings and desires for the best price and are based on experience, but I am always game for trying something new or mixing and matching.
My packages start at $1500 (you can reach out to me for more details, I’ve got them!) and all include a free consultation (coffee/beer obv) with me, custom engagement/date session, an online gallery shareable with friends and family, and a personalized package with a USB of photos and other goodies! Photos are delivered within 3 weeks but I often share sneak peeks on my Facebook and Instagram pages!
Because I want to make sure I deliver an experience that’s just right for you, if you reach out I will be STOKED to send you prices/ideas/what’s included/goodies for you/answer any of your questions! But if you want to know ASAP, check out the rates above.
My style has been described as relaxed, intimate, natural, and fun. People tend to feel themselves around me and often forget I’m there! I try to create a healthy mix of posed shots, those photos for the parents and grandparents, as well as the more candid, documentary-style moments that you might forget had even happened if they weren’t captured. I also like to capture a variety of moments and emotions to make sure that you have memories of things and people you may not have noticed the day of. I aim to create a story of the entire day for you that feels natural and real to who you are.
After going over the contract together, a non-refundable retainer fee of 40% is paid on the signing of the contract and booking the date. The rest of the payment must be made at minimum 3 months before the wedding, but feel free to let me know if you want to send it earlier! Any other type of photo session the payment is made the day of signing the contract. I take etransfer, cash, or cheque.
I’ll send you a private online gallery of all your edited images that will be accessible for usually 2 weeks. You can download all your photos in high resolution and share the link with your friends and fam. For weddings, you’ll ALSO receive a package in the mail with a USB of the photos, prints, and some goodies.
The number varies widely, as I don’t like to limit myself or your time with me!! Just know that you’ll definitely get enough. I do not send you the RAW photos, as often they are used for testing light, exposures, etc. and include photos that may be blurry, people blinking, etc. All the photos I send you are the best moments!
I encourage all my couples to have an engagement session. First of all, it’s complimentary in all my wedding packages, and second of all, engagements are important in and of themselves and should be celebrated! Lastly, it gives you guys a chance to hang out with me, get comfortable in front of the camera, and lets us get to know each other. By the time your wedding rolls around you’ll be good to go around a camera!
My other secret reason is that I love photos just because, and to have photos of you guys casual and hanging out doing your favorite stuff is just the best to me, and you’ll love having them!
First of all: don’t worry! I can guarantee you that I have had hesitant participants in couples shoots only to have the BEST time ever and really appreciate the day! I promise I make things comfortable for you and won’t make you do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. My style is to catch you as yourselves, so sure, I might ask you to cuddle up close but I promise to do it in a way that makes everyone laugh and be comfy. And in the end you’ll have great photos AND memories! Most people who are shy at first become star models in less than ten minutes. My shoots are pretty laid back and casual, and we tend to hang out more than not. I will give you guidance and direction as well. Most of the time I like to just capture you/guys laughing and enjoying each other. And I’ll make plenty of bad jokes to help you out.
It’s great if you can choose a place that is important to you/means something/represents you. What do you like to do? What places do you like to go? Maybe it’s getting coffee and going on a walk, or hitting up the local ice rink, or a bookstore and beers. If you still have no clue, don’t worry, I can help you find a great place. Note: we may move around from the start point to go on an adventure!
Going to browse a bookshop, walking through cute streets, and then seeing some local live music and drinking some beers! Gee thanks for asking.
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I would like to acknowledge that I live and work on the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishinabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Huron-Wendat communities.
This land is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit, and Metis. I am grateful to work on this territory and aim to respect and honour the diversity of Indigenous communities on their traditional lands.

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