Can you imagine life without photographs? I love going back through photographs 3, 5, 10 years later and finding gems I love or moments I had forgotten. Photographs, in the end, are tangible reminders of our lives, our loves, of moments, of places and nature and sunsets and feelings we won’t witness again. They transport us. We may not realize until later just how important it is to keep our memories alive through photographs.
Golden Birch Photography is natural & relaxed photography that preserves those moments. My goal in photographing you is to capture your story, your personality, your goofy expressions and tender touches and favourite places. I strive to photograph people in their element and at their most honest. I love having fun and laughing and I want to make sure you have fun too! I’ll probably make a few dumb jokes along the way and maybe get too excited about Star Wars and Ron Weasley. I love to explore new places, winding streets, quiet brick lanes, busy bridges, or empty forests with people. Where we take photos is the secret voice in your photographs. Let’s go on an adventure together!
your dreams and goals; your passions; your story; your ideas; adventures; real life & real stories; time well spent; memory-making; having fun; sharing in joy
are laid back and curious and ready to explore places. They’re up for lying in the snow or wading in water, for dawn and dusk adventures, for creating something together with me. They climb up hills in fancy clothes, laugh and dance and get excited. They want a fun adventurous experience from beginning to end, and they love each other so much they want to document these moments, these memories, forever. Does this sound like you? Contact me!


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  • Grande Prairie, AB — Vancouver, BC — Toronto, ON. These are my homes.

  • I love exploring the world more than anything. Checking out a new place with my camera at my side is my happy place.

  • I recently completed my Masters of Museum Studies at the University of Toronto and graduated from Simon Fraser University in Archaeology, another passion of mine. Feel free to ask me about it!

  • I play flute (and sax and percussion) — and I adore it

  • I can often be found sitting up reading a good book until 3 AM

  • I love talking about anything and everything; there is always so much to learn from each other!

  • My therapy: driving and playing loud music (may include some singing)

  • I am a person of many passions. I dream of being an underwater archaeologist, a National Geographic photographer, an author, the prime minister, and a million other things.

  • I love using exclamation marks! Life is exciting!

  • More than anything, I want you to have an amazing, relaxing, enjoyable, memorable experience with me from beginning to end! 


Photographs are so important because they hold our memories of some of our most treasured days like weddings, engagements, family time, and more. I want you to know that all the feelings you want to relive will be captured, from family portraits for your parents to the moments you may have forgotten even happened, passed looks and emotions that are sometimes a blur. I want you to be able to look back on your photographs and remember the feelings & thoughts, the moments, and the love! I also photograph more than weddings; if you want photographs just because (I firmly believe you don’t need a reason for photographs!) or for headshots, anniversaries, business promo, and more, feel free to ask and we’ll make it happen! 
It’s happening! You’re getting married to your best friend. What an incredible moment in your life to enjoy and remember forever. I want you to feel comfortable knowing this day will be captured in a way that speaks to your unique, creative, bursting-with-love selves. From those quiet in-between moments to the tears at the altar to the all out rager you’ll throw at the end of the night, I’ll be there documenting it all for your future selves to relive again and again.

I’m a big believer in not needing a reason for photographs. You don’t need to be getting married to capture your life! If you want memories cause you’re happy or you like where you live or you want to go on an adventure, hit me up. Whether you’re looking for couple, family, individual, business, or any kind of portrait, I want to work with you to make it happen in a way that speaks to your natural and cool self. Reach out for more details and any questions you have! 




Kristen is the most amazing, talented and professional photographer and I would recommend her for any special event/occasion! She took the most amazing photos for our engagement shoot in December 2016 and I was so happy with how they turned out. She scouted out the most perfect location and had everything planned out perfectly! Fast forward to our wedding in July 2017 and once again, she went beyond what I could have ever expected. The photos were all so beautiful and she managed to catch every emotion throughout the day. Kristen is very knowledgeable and knows how to work her camera, but is also very open to ideas and suggestions. She is so easy to work with and makes it all so fun! I cannot say enough great things about her, and if you are looking for a kick-ass photographer I HIGHLY recommend her!
Sarah & Mark
BEST photographer ever! Kristen took our engagement and wedding photos and they were beyond gorgeous. Very happy we chose her to document our special day! She is very talented and dedicated to her art and it shows in the photos she takes.
Kayla & Cory
Kristen is by far the most talented photographer I have ever worked with! She has this incredible ability to capture the most genuine and unique photos of her subjects. I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to shoot with her recently in Toronto. She efficiently scouted the perfect spot downtown, she made sure that I was comfortable with each shot, and she had the best personality behind the camera! The photos are all stunning, I love them so much! I am always beyond excited to shoot with Kristen, because I know that she will capture my essence beautifully.
All of her photos (portrait, landscape etc.) are visually captivating. I am always excited to see a new post from Golden Birch Photography! I sincerely recommend Kristen for any photoshoot, you will be blown away by her work! Plus she is a gem to be around and will make you feel beautiful. Thank you again Kristen!
Kristen was so much fun to work with. She has an eye for detail and because of her impressive work in street photography, she sees the candid, in between, real life moments. We loved our evening with her and would highly recommend her to anyone! We are going to cherish these photos for years to come.
Leah & Caleb
Kristen was a fantastic and very professional photographer! The pictures of me and my siblings that she took are amazing! Would definitely recommend working with her if you want beautiful, natural, and unique photos.
Kristen is a wonderful photographer who genuinely loves what she does. Her dedication to getting the perfect shot always astonishes me, and her talents are evident in her work! I’ve gone to Kristen twice for photos – once for professional headshots and once for a sibling photoshoot, and both times the results were amazing. I’ll definitely go with Golden Birch again for my photography needs. Thanks Kristen!


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